We love an audience


Over the last few years, the use of iPads at live events has transformed the way companies engage with audiences. Concise were one of the first companies to offer clients this service through its global network of offices – offering iPads for hire and app development. However, as tablets become part of everyday life and less ‘new tech’, there has been a shift from ‘hardware’ towards ‘software’ benefits. Concise therefore wanted to develop their brand to move away from technology, and focus more on user benefits and their understanding of audiences.


Concise. We love an audience.

Modern corporate events are theatre. Gone are the days when attendees sat passively listening to presentations, scribbled some notes, shook a few hands in the break and went home with some hand-outs. Today’s audiences expect a two-way experience. They want to share, connect and have their say. They want to feel valued, listened to and integral to the experience. Tablet technology not only enables audience engagement, but also provides a physical interaction – the swipes and taps as well as the constant glow from the screen. Warmth and excitement are also key attributes as people tend to go through a range of emotions and reactions during events. We have brought all of this together to create a suite of assets, website and corporate brochure.

Brand development and implementation





William Joseph gave so much consideration and careful thought to our needs and our brand personality, that we knew immediately that their recommendations were right for us. The creative work they produced surpassed all our expectations and has proved its worth already with key client wins. The whole experience from meeting with Chris through to the on-time delivery of all our finished brochures and the launch of our multi-language website has been a pleasure. We are delighted.

Phil O’Brien, Managing Director